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August-October 2024 ,Israel 

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Aquatic Bodywork and Water Therapy

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Watsu (Water and Shiatzu) Therapy

Deep relaxation

Profound soothing of the 
nerves and the mind A watsu (water and shiatzu massage) aquatic work.  this treatment offers a profound sense of relaxation that soothes the nerves and the mind. The therapeutic benefits of warm water enhance the relaxation process, leading to a deeper sense of inner connection, tranquility, and mental clarity. During the treatment you will be floated on the water, with your head well supported. Your body will be able to fully rest, and your spines vertebras will be lengthened (Craniosacral therapy.)



Raise your energy

Underwater movement leaving 
you light, rejuvenated, blissful and 
with positive energy. Offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of the water realm. We dive underwater with a nose clip and work with dynamic and active movements as a way of increasing the energy flowing in your body. The treatment leverages the power of breath and respiration, purging unwanted negative energy and revitalizing the mind and body for a vibrant day ahead.

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Liquid Heart

For Emotional Well-being

Dive deep and let any emotional blockage surface and bubble away, liberating you. A transformative session centered around emotional well-being. This treatment uses targeted movement and touch along the body's energetic pathways to stimulate emotions. With a particular emphasis on the heart chakra and internal water flow to release stored tensions and barriers. Providing a safe container for emotional blockage to surface, as Shira listens deeply to your needs and supports you with all that comes up.In the end of this treatment, you will receive integration tools to support your landing in the best way.



Alleviating Pain

Soothe pain and ease tension in specific anatomies through
exercise, weightlessness and heat. This treatment focuses on specific body parts or stressful and painful areas that will benefit from extra energetic and physical healing. Together, we will rehabilitate strained areas with exercises and deep massage. The combination of being weight-less and the muscles heating within the warm water reduces the pain level.



A journey for two

A two-person water journey, you will emerge relaxed, in synch, and with your hearts reconnected. The two of you will dive together into a watery journey, communicate with no words, and touch hearts through a distance. The session includes loving and tender exercises with your partner, giving and receiving, in a calm atmosphere created and maintained by Shira and including sound healing and other effects. You will dive in as two and emerge from the water as one -- relaxed, calm and reconnected.


Flow – Watsu Kids

Comfort in the water

Physical, mental and emotional engagement for kids in a fun and safe water environment, ages 3+ Shira is an infant and child water specialist who developed a method called “Flow.” This session is a combination of play, conversation, song, exercises and floating. Allowing the child to meet themselves in a unique way with an emphasis on emotional, mental, and physical well-being. “Flow” is designed to increase self-confidence and to teach tools to support fears and challenges.

Baby of life_.jpg

Baby of life

From womb to world

A gentle transition to the outside world, embracing the baby's holistic well-being. "Baby of Life" therapy, seamlessly bridging the internal and external realms of the womb and the world outside of the womb. Your newborn will be held in an organic natural cotton cloth, in warm water. Shira will do gentle exercises, a soft massage of sensory touch, fostering a profound connection with your newborn's physicality. Then, indulge in a gentle chamomile-infused bath, evoking the sanctuary of the womb. Witness your baby's serene presence in the water, radiating security and familiarity. This therapy nurtures security, tenderness, and a gentle transition to the outside world, embracing their holistic well-being.


Swim with Shira

Swimming lessons

Learn to swim or improve your strokes using the Flow method developed by Shira and combining her expertise and joy in water. Flow fosters confidence and creates positive associations in the water through trust in the teacher, in the water, and in yourself. Her methodology incorporates exercises that teach the basic principles of swimming and nurture curiosity, instilling a sense of fun, awareness and safety. Swimming is ultimately an opportunity for personal growth and the acquisition of valuable skills. With Shira, it is also a journey of empowerment, resilience, confidence, and the learning of important skills in and out of the water, at any age.

"Water has a secret life. It shows us how to find happiness. It reveals the meaning of love and nature.
It shows us the path that humankind must take to find the answers you seek."  

-Masaru Emoto.

Workshop & Ceremonies


Water Ceremony

Join us for a special event as the sun sets over the sea. The magic and beauty will begin with a unique water ceremony that honors the ancient tribal tradition of "The Red Way." As we connect to the water, we will return to our essence and inner peace, shed off negative energy and welcome positivity. The evening will culminate with an exotic dance against the vibrant hues of the sunset, harnessing the energy we have generated together and celebrating life.

Children are invited to participate in the dance. We look forward to seeing you there.

Water of life workshop_.jpg

Water of life workshop

Water of Life workshop by Shira is a joyful taste of the journey of entering the therapeutic water realms. Imagine yourself in a specially designed heated pool. When your body meets the water, something known occurs, on a cellular memory level.
This workshop is designed to calm your nervous system and allow you to meet yourself in an intimate, calm, nourishing way.

Baby swimming_.jpg

Baby swimming

(3-12 months with a parent ) 

‏Join Shira for an extraordinary session, specially designed for parents and babies. We sing, play and gracefully move in the water, while enjoying invigorating exercises, tranquil floating, and relaxation. The session and sensations will strengthen the baby, improve their breathing and sense of security. You will delight in witnessing the babies merging naturally with the water, as they explore their surroundings in a safe and nurturing environment
Come and join us for a unique and joyful bonding experience with your baby.

about me

About me.

Walking the path of water healing since 2012, Shira is a certified Hydrotherapist with rich experience. Shira is certified with the leading coursework on the approaches to water therapy including Watsu, Waterdance, Fluid Presence and additional therapeutic methods. She has developed groundbreaking programs that develop a love of water in children. Combining a holistic and spiritual approach with hundreds of hours of coursework.
Shira has carried out aquatic bodywork sessions for thousands of clients around the globe.

My sessions immerse you in a tranquil water setting where fear and pain can bubble to the surface, yielding profound healing and transformation.

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